Garden Plants Poisonous to Dogs

Garden Plants Poisonous to Dogs

Common Garden Plants Dangerous or Fatal to Dogs and Cats

Common Garden Flowers Dangerous to Pets
Common Garden Flowers Dangerous to Pets

Some of these plants may surprise you as they are common in most suburban gardens.

Yet they can be very dangerous and sometimes fatal to our pets, and especially dogs and cats.

Puppies could be especially at risk as they are small and their immune system has not fully formed.

Puppies are also very curious, they have a habit of investigating everything with their mouth.

These plants include geraniums, dahlias, marigolds, begonias poppies and daisies.

This warning comes from TV gardener Charlie Dimmock, who has been talking about the Worlds most dangerous garden – the Poisonous Pawtanical Garden in South London.

This garden is open to the public and is inside the grounds of the Horniman Museum, in South London’s Forest Hill. As well as the museum galleries, it has 16 acres of Gardens and an acclaimed Aquarium.

Though the Pawtanical part of the grounds is not open to pets, I think for fairly obvious reasons.

Designed by Chelsea flower show gold medal winner Ian Drummond, It boasts 34 highly poisonous plants which  are common in parks and gardens all across the UK

If eaten, symptoms can range from salivating and diarrhea plus failure or damage to the liver and  kidneys, they can also attack the nervous system.  

Below is the 34 plants listed as highly dangerous to pets. You don’t have to rip your Garden up, but just be aware, and be especially vigilant with puppies

List of 34 common garden plants dangerous to Pets
List of 34 common garden plants dangerous to Pets


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