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I have written over 150 articles many are either first or on the 1st page of Google. They are all on the leading edge of dog psychology and behaviour and cover the following

Aggression, Fear and Timidity, Neutering, Vaccination, Diet, Rearing and Choosing Puppies and almost anything you could ask about dogs training and behaviour.

They include articles on subjects such as Autism, Season and Heat Cycle, and Countdown to Birth. Simply sign up for the newsletter and you will receive them totally free of charge a couple of times a month. Just add your email address below.

Some of the recent Newsletters have been very controversial such as Is The Veterinary Profession Broken and Why Are Our Dogs Dying So Early. Both went Viral and are 1st on Google.

I am sure like many others you will find them interesting, enlightening and I hope entertaining. 

Stan Rawlinson  MTCBPT. MPAACT  AdipCCB
Dog Behaviourist and Obedience Trainer