Muzzles Cooling Gel Mats/Coats

  • Please do not buy this until you have measured your dogs as it comes in a sealed holding bag, Once open we cannot sell it except as 2nd hand. We have had a lot returned because people did not check the size of their dog’s measurements before buying directions below. These will Keep your dog cool in hot weather with the High-Performance Cooling Coat. With its unique cell structure, it slowly…Read more


  • Easidri High-Performance Cooling Gel Mat ~ 30% off the slightly marked ones Probably the very best cooling mat on the market I use them for all my dogs and we use them in our cafes absolutely brilliant We have a small number of these mats that are slightly marked. It has no impact on the product, The packaging print came off on the Mat so they are slight seconds. 30% of our already discounted…Read more


  • HYPERKEWL Long Lasting Cooling Coats for Dogs Long range forecasts for the UK suggests this could be one of the hottest years since records began. Make sure your dogs are safe and cool when the temperature soars. I have seen thousands of dogs suffering from the heat as the mercury climbs into the 70s and above Provides 5-10 hours of cooling relief per soaking; extremely lightweight and durable…Read more


  • The Ancol Mesh Dog Muzzle is one of the most humane ways of protecting other dogs and people around your dog. It’s very sad to have to admit you need to use this muzzle, but for some dogs, it is essential to give you piece of mind. If your dog is very active and runs around off lead then consider the plastic Muzzle. Your dog is probably very comfortable around your home and familiar environments…Read more


  • These muzzles now only come in black. However, I have three sandy coloured ones left in two size 5s and one size 4. If you want one of these write your requirements in the comments section when you purchase the muzzle. This basket style of muzzle is designed for more aggressive dogs, or dogs that will be running around outdoors. The basket should not deform even if a dog attempts to bite. When…Read more