Air Dried Natural Sprats for Dogs




Great Training Treats For Dogs & Puppies.

I use these treats for puppies and adult dog training, they are especially good for the coat and skin health as they are rich in oils and omega 3

Because they are air-dried you can easily snap little bits off. into handy size pieces for small dogs and are ideal for puppies. No additives, colourants, or preservatives.

Full of Omega 3, hypoallergenic, and gluten-free. I use these all the time when I am training or working with dogs.

Packed full of natural goodness and healthy vitamins and minerals. Great for the general wellbeing and health of your dog. And excellent for their coat.

This is a treat as nature intended. Nothing added, just air-dried in special ovens. Dogs thrive on fish. All my dogs like these, both young and old.

Gunner 0ne of my working cockers

The dog on the right is the puppy I kept out of the litter I bred in 2017. He has turned into a cracking looking dog

What I love about these treats is though they are air-dried they still retain all the essential goodness and oils. You can see the oil oozing out if you snap a piece off and squeeze.

This is also a great scatter treat. Throw some in the garden and let them search them out. Dogs love that type of game.

Perfect for that extra special treat, for our extra special dogs.

Or for giving your dog something that is really good for them with quality protein and high Omega 3

Great for when you leave your pet alone.

This will keep them occupied if you stuff a Calves Hoof with them, then seal them in with these Sprats or Beef Jerky or just as a single reward. Suitable for all size dogs including puppies.

I use these as training treats all the time. Dogs and cats absolutely love them

  • Made from fresh raw ingredients
  • No chemical additives
  • No flavourings or colourings
  • Gently dried and natural
  • No preservatives
  • No sugar or caramel
  • Does not splinter
  • Suitable for puppies and older dogs
  • Snaps easily for smaller treats
  • Retains all essential omega 3 oils
  • Brilliant for our puppies and older dogs coats
  • Low in fat


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