Top Quality Animal Garlic Powder With Garlic Oil


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Premium Quality Garlic Powder and Oil Infused 500g

This product was made and prepared for horses and ponies initially. However, it is suitable for all animals, including dogs Comes in 1kg and ½ kg container and will last you for many months. Finest powdered garlic with quality garlic oil infused into the powder

It was some time ago that I decided not to treat my dogs for flea and ticks unless they started to get a total infestation. That was because of ½major concerns on using chemical flea and tick preventatives on our dogs. This can be a viable alternative.

I cannot see the logic in treating my dogs with strong chemical poisons that could have a seriously detrimental effect. for something they currently do not have. Garlic provides many natural properties that can help your dog remain fit and healthy.

Garlic is an excellent natural way to help boost your dog’s immune system, lower blood pressure and cleanse your dog’s blood of cholesterol. Garlic can also help prevent internal parasites and if given regularly with meals, will help to keep them free of fleas.

Garlic has also been used to help digestive problems and respiratory problems.

I give it to my dogs once a day 6 days a week it takes two weeks to hopefully build up an anti-parasitic barrier.

It is garlic in high doses that is the problem. This level is proven totally safe.

How to calculate how much to give a dog.

1 clove of garlic is equal to a ½ teaspoon of garlic powder

0 to 15 pounds – half a clove                 = 1/4    teaspoon
20 to 40 pounds – 1 clove                      = 1/2    teaspoon
45 to 70 pounds – 2 cloves                    = 1.0    teaspoon
75 to 90 pounds – 2 and a half cloves   = 1.1/4 teaspoon
100 pounds and over – 3 cloves            = 2.1/2 teaspoon

  1. Prevents the formation of blood clots (anti-platelet)
  2. Decreases cholesterol build-up (anti-cholesterolemic)
  3. Widens blood vessels (vasodilator)
  4. Helps prevent the formation of tumours (anti-tumour)
  5. Stimulates the lymphatic system to remove wastes
  6. Antibiotic, antifungal and antiparasitic

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