New Puppy Crying at Night


      Puppies Crying and Distressed at Night

Puppy Crying At Night.Instinct
It is entirely natural for a new puppy to call out for someone to come when separated.

Pups alone in the wild would not survive without this alarm system.

All your new dog is doing is following it natural instinct when it cries when left alone.

Either in the nesting box or the wild, young pups learn that if they are separated from the rest of the pack, and they call for help then the mother will quickly locate them.

If the puppy is very distressed and clearly upset., consider allowing it to sleep in your bedroom.

Make this decision only after a few days of ongoing problems.

If you do move the pup to the bedroom, it will need to be within a secure area containing an indoor kennel/crate with the door open especially if they are under 12 weeks.

It is therefore very helpful to have a  Puppy Play-Pen, as well as the crate, with newspaper down in the playpen. Never put paper in the crate.

By doing that you are telling the puppy that it is OK to defecate or urinate in the crate.

Something you would certainly not want to happen. I sell the playpens as well as the crates and they are all British made to rigorous safety and quality specifications.. .

Puppy Pads
I never use puppy pads, they teach the puppy to toilet indoors, as they are impregnated with an attractor scent, possibly made from horses urine

The best setup is with a crate inside a puppy playpen. Then the puppy can defecate and urinate when required.

This is vitally important during those early days, whilst your pup is unable to hold its toileting overnight. Shutting the crate door on a very young puppy, can be a total disaster.

It can cause crate aversion and toileting problems, and may cause lasting anxiety. Until the pup is at least twelve to thirteen weeks old I would never shut the crate door overnight. Simply becaus they struggle to hold their urine and faeces for that long. See Toilet Training With a Crate.

One of the Smallest crates they manufacture. What Crates and Playpens?
I have recently tested numerous crates and playpens. Nearly everyone was made in the Far East. Most were somewhat flimsy, and in some cases frankly dangerous.

 I then tried the only crates and playpens manufactured  in the UK.

These crates are so obviously superior in quality and safety, that I will not put a puppy or adult dog in any other type,

Guaranteed for the life of the dog and beyond. All these cages and playpens feature high quality electroplated finish, to ISO9002 standards.

Which ensures rust resistance and ease of cleaning and safety 

 I was so impressed, that I decided to stock them. I now sell them online from my website.

I should be able to dispatch them within 24 hours of the order being placed, except for the playpens, as they are made to order and take a few days longer. If you order early enough, I should be able to get the crates to you the next day

You can see the range I stock here Dog Crates

Moving Pups Crate
Once the pup has settled down and is over the distress and the toilet training has worked,  then you can start to move the crate to where you really want the dog to sleep.

Start by moving the crate outside the bedroom door, then after a time  to the top of the stairs, then the hallway and finally in the place where you want the puppy to be.

You will normally know if the puppy seriously distressed, if it starts throwing itself at the bars trying desperately to escape, defecating or urinating and salivating in the crate is also signs of distress.

If you decide that the bedroom is not the best place for the puppy, and their are some very good reasons why pups should not be allowed upstairs unless seriously distressed. Puppies bones are soft at this age and the pressure on the joints of the front legs whilst manoeuvring downstairs can cause a condition called over-run.

This is when the bone between the pastern and the forearm pushes over the forearm joint causing lameness and premature arthritis.

cocker pupOvercoming Crying
Before you decide to move the pup to the bedroom because of acute distress, this what you should do.

When you go to bed, leave the puppy with a long lasting treats.

Bulls Pizzles and Calves Hooves are perfect treats for giving them something that will entertain them for some considerable time.

Though can be given at any time and to any age of dog. They are also excellent for excercising jaws and cleaning teeth.

Totally natural with no additives, they can last quite a long time and they are great for teething.

Initially to overcome this noise problem you must ignore it, to go down and scold the puppy would be counter productive.

The action of answering the pups cries, serves only to reinforce the crying when you go back to bed.

Irrespective of whether your appearance is positive or negative, the fact that you appeared at all in response to the cries will have reinforced this crying behaviour.

If crying and screaming  never elicits a response, then the pup will learn that this method of communication doesn't’ work. What never works is waiting whilst the puppy makes even more noise,  then giving up and going to the puppy.

All that would teach the little horror was that being especially persistent really works!

As mentioned earlier, you cannot allow the puppy to become so distressed that it harms itself either physically or mentally

Plan to Succeed
Punishment does NOT teach your dog to be quiet, any more than it would a baby crying. Punishment or anger will stress him more, and could create behavioural problems or affect your future relationship with your pet.

You can help your puppy accept the separation more quickly, by carefully introducing him the area you want the pup to sleep. Then carefully feed favourite treats in this area. If you are using a crate or playpen, then you can leave a Calves Hoof,  Bulls Pizzle in the crate or playpen, when you go up to bed.

You can stuff the Hooves with whole air dried Sprats and seal them in with Beef Jerky to make an irresistable goodbye treat to help them overcome Seperation Anxiety. See my informative article on preparing your pup or adult dog for periods of being left alone.

I now sell a range of treats that are totally natural with no nasty additives and colourants. Treats as nature intended. Dog Treats

I am a staunch advocate of crate training. Correctly introduced it speeds up the toilet training process. This gives the pup a secure and comfortable den and a bolt hole in times of stress. It can also be an invaluable asset when the pup gets older.

Situations where a dog may need the ability to accept and relax in a crate include: recovery from medical problems, broken bones, travel, emergency, and adjustment to a new home or a new family.

Obviously the best time to introduce a crate is when they are puppies. Why use a crate.? It aids the training of toileting outdoors. It is a safe haven. You can use it when your dog is convalescing. If your dog is injured or ill, the first thing that happens in the vets is they put the dog in a crate. If he has never been crate trained this will be very distressing.See Introducing a Crate to a Puppy

Further reading. The Alpha Myth. This dispels the myth that we can be the leader of the pack, the Alpha. It gives you an insight into a whole new way of training and behaviour therapy. It will also explain how you can bond better and arrive at mutual respect. You may find Killing With Kindness very useful with your new addition to the family.

There are lots of other puppy articles, covering everything from nipping and biting, to the top most popular names for dogs 2012/2013, You may be surprised at what comes top. Click on home and go to articles and hover over puppies.

Sound desensitisation disc gets pups used to thunder fireworks and road traffic at a critical period in their lives.You may also want to consider at this vital time in the puppies life, a Sound Desensitisation Disc

If young pups are gently desensitised at a very early age, then they often do not get problems with traffic noises, fireworks, gunshots, air brakes, police and ambulance sirens and thunder

Definitely worth the investment to help prepare these young pups for all frightening eventualities

Each sound has its own track, therefore you can put that track on repeat. This gently gets the puppy or older dog used to the very sounds that could cause them problems as they grow up. Only £9.00.

Remember, get your new puppy used to leads and collars, before they are allowed to go out.

If you wait until the pups is allowed to go outdoors, then you will have all sorts of problems, it will delay many of the important socialisation exercises, as the puppy will concentrate on the lead and collar, rather than it's surroundings.

I sell what I believe are the very best collars and leads for puppies and adult dogs. Lead Collar and Jingler Combined

They are manufactured specifically for me, you cannot buy them anywhere else.

Made from cushion web they are soft on the puppy, and your hands. Leads and Collars.


I have started a Government petition to ban the practice of neutering pups at six weeks of age.
Please add your name to this petition and register your concern. thank you CLICK  


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