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Stan Rawlinson
The UK’s Original Doglistener

One of the UK’s Leading Dog Behaviourists and Obedience Trainer I am also an author and I have written over 150 articles on all aspects of dog behaviour training and the rearing of puppies, I am now retired from one to one and behavioural work. I concentrate on my (1) Articles, (2) Newsletters and (3) Campaigning against bad practices like paediatric neutering, overvaccination, and poor quality dog food.

I am also campaigning to have our pets reclassified as Sentient. Are you aware that our pets are classed as belongings if they are stolen, the sentence for dog theft is similar to the theft of your mobile phone, pushbike or laptop?

Stan At Home
Stan At Home

The law must change and the impact on dog and pet theft must reflect the impact that they have on both the dog and the dogs family. At the time of updating this page, we have 500.000 + signatures  Please share and sign on all social media platforms (4) Make Pet Theft a Specific Crime in UK Law

I am an expert witness under the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991 and have defended many dogs in court that were deemed to be dangerously out of control. I worked with the handlers and dogs that sniffed out drugs and explosives at Heathrow Airport. I was an assessor for numerous fostering partnerships and was Disneys Behaviourist in the UK. I have appeared in numerous TV programs and I am the Chairman of PAACT The  Professional Association of Applied Canine Trainers

My clients include Royalty, Billionaires, and Millionaires, like Lakshi Mittal (The Steel Magnate) Christian Candy, (Built 1 Hyde Park) Richard Caring (Owns Annabels and the Ivy) King Abdullah (The King of Saudi Arabia) Hollywood and TV stars including Sienna Miller, Tom Sturridge and Orlando Bloom Singers like Duffy, Peter Townsend, (The Who) Marc Knopfler, (Dire Straits) Russian Oligarchs, Sports Stars and many others. I have over 48,000 clients from every walk of life. and I have lectured and appeared at International and UK symposiums.

I also appeared in hundreds of large shows in the UK and abroad taking dogs from the audience and changing their behaviour and training problems in minutes rather than days or weeks. I am also the inventor of The Jingler an amazing and simple tool that will help you train and control your dog 50 times quicker than any other device

I still run puppy classes in Hampton though Louise my Daughter runs these now and also does one to one. We also own a dog-friendly cafe in Hampton Hill called (5) Paws for Coffee and a large online dog shop as well as a physical shop in Hampton Hill in Greater London called (6) The Dog Store 

This Website is a major resource for people looking for (8) Dog Behavioural and Training Articles. I have written over 150 + articles with many of them 1st on google searches.  If you are interested in helping with dog training, or puppy classes and assessments, then contact my daughter who is a very good dog trainer and has run my puppy classes for the last ten years. 07985 743719. I do some training for problem dogs in my Store occasionally depending on what the problem is mainly jumping up, pulling on the lead and some other behaviour problems.

All the articles on this site are personally written by me. They cover many of today’s dog behavioural problems and are at the forefront of behaviour and training knowledge. They also question many of today’s misguided beliefs and advice. This is especially the case on the rearing of puppies because the first 16 weeks are critical to the outcome and behaviour of your puppy when it becomes an adult. Type into Google First 16 Weeks.  My article will come first out of 3 billion entries

the articles emphasise my beliefs (9) The Alpha Myth  (10) Killing With Kindness. and (11) Is The Veterinary Profession Broken.

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