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  • Keep your dog cool in hot weather with the High-Performance Cooling Coat. With its unique cell structure, it slowly releases moisture without wetting your dog’s coat. It also dries your dog when the dog has been out in the rain or has been swimming simply pop on the coat and it absorbs the moisture from your dog. Super absorbent, the Easidri cooling coat has a unique cell structure which...Read more
  • HYPERKEWL Long Lasting Cooling Coats for Dogs Long range forecasts for the UK suggests this could be one of the hottest years since records began. Make sure your dogs are safe and cool when the temperature soars. I have seen thousands of dogs suffering from the heat as the mercury climbs into the 70s and above Provides 5-10 hours of cooling relief per soaking; extremely lightweight and durable...Read more
  • 10 Premium Calves Hoof Dog Treats Premium Quality 100% Beef Calves Hooves. Dried Beef Scalp 100% Natural Long Lasting Dog Treats.Read more
  • There’s nothing better than top-quality natural snacks. Dried chicken feet are crispy and grisly, offering both large and small dogs plenty of healthy chewing fun. Chicken feet contain valuable proteins and important fatty acids, which promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. These dried chicken feet also help to strengthen your dog’s jaw muscles and improve his dental health. This...Read more
  • The Jingler is a simple device that clips on to the lead. Designed and developed by Stan Rawlinson Dog Behaviourist and Obedience Trainer (Doglistener). The bells size and sound is unique. I have them all specially made so that I get the correct sound and vibration. There are three bells on every set and they are all silver, I have no other colours. If you imagine that the Jingler is the opposite...Read more
  • Jingler Lead and Collar combined. Buy three products at once and save on the overall cost if bought separately postage and packing costs and the cost of the leads and collars.. The small/medium size collar fits dogs up to 12.5 inches around the neck. The medium/large fits dogs with necks 12.75 inches and above. All my leads and collars are fully washable. When washing the lead put in a cloth bag...Read more
  • My collars come in two sizes small/medium and medium/large. Style and comfort are the main features of these exclusive Doglistener collars. The range of colours matches my cushion web leads. Made from tactile web material it is strong and hard-wearing but with a surprisingly soft feel for your dog's comfort. This is a very young puppy Doberman with one of my leads and collars. Small/Medium from 9...Read more
  • The Doglistener lead is made to my own specifications. They are not available anywhere else and are unique to my brand name Doglistener. Approximately 5ft 8"/9"inches long. I have found this length of lead is far better for handling all sizes of dogs when walking to heel. All the leads have an O-ring attached to the handle for ease of carrying around your body, poo bags can be tied or clipped on...Read more
  • Specialised Acme whistle. In dog training circles, these are the whistles that all the people in the know use. They are specifically manufactured so all the whistles with this exclusive number on are manufactured to the exact same pitch and tone. If you lost one you would not have to acclimatise the dog to a new sounding whistle. Which normally takes ten days This whistle is a 211.5 and comes...Read more
  • The new Jingler DVD HD This latest DVD can be bought in two formats. Streaming or a Physical DVD that is sent to you. The cost of the DVD physical version which is posted out to you is £11.95, The cost of immediate access streaming is £8.95 CLICK HERE It gives you step by step instructions on how to use the Jingler with full graphical, visual, and aural explanations of all the techniques employed...Read more
  • Ultra Short Dog Leads and Also Used For Recall This is not my normal full length lead. Please note these leads are only 13 inches long and are for large dogs or recall training. They are used as house leads, or for recall leads when you remove the long recall and standard Jingler lead. This is clipped on so the dog thinks the lead is still on They are also ideal for larger dogs Labradors and...Read more
  • Great Training Treats For Dogs & Puppies A full 400 grams of complete Sprats. No additives, colourants or preservatives. Full of Omega 3, hypoallergenic-gluten free. I use these all the time when I am training or working with dogs. Packed full of natural goodness and healthy vitamins and minerals. Great for the general wellbeing and health of your dog. And excellent for their coat. This is a...Read more
  • Dried Beef Scalp 100% Natural Long Lasting Dog Treats. Brilliant for teeth cleaning and long lasting. A full 1/2 Kilo bag of air dried Beef Scalp. One of the finest dog treats on the market. All my dogs love this, including my 6-month-old puppy. They are extremely long lasting, and especially suitable for training dogs to get used to you leaving them for periods of time. supervise puppies with...Read more
  • Bulls Pizzles Dog Treats Bulls Pizzles end pieces are a brilliant natural treat. They are long lasting and dogs absolutely love them. Great for adult dogs and puppies. Good for teeth hygeine. Often used as a goodnight snack or when you are leaving your dog for any periods of time. Can be used in cases of separation anxiety issues, and teething. Better they chew on these, than your shoes. They are...Read more
  • 10 Premium Calves Hoof Dog Treats Premium Quality 100% Beef Calves Hooves. The very best treats for teeth hygiene and overcoming dental disease. Throw away your rubber Kong. These sanitised Hooves will keep your chewing dog happy for days. You can also stuff with other treats and Freeze. This helps teething. I often stuff them with Sprats and seal them with beef jerky strips. No chemicals or...Read more
  • Buffalo Jerky Dog Chews Suitable any size dogs including puppies Very low in fat only 1% Buffalo Jerky Sticks Dogs absolutely love them. Ultra low in fat and calories. A full 1/2 Kilo resealable bag of air dried beef jerky sticks. One of the best dog treats on the market. All my dogs love these, including puppies and seniors. You can snap off strips for a smaller treat if required. Very tasty,...Read more
  • The Ancol Mesh Dog Muzzle is one of the most humane ways of protecting other dogs and people around your dog. It's very sad to have to admit you need to use this muzzle, but for some dogs, it is essential to give you piece of mind. If your dog is very active and runs around off lead then consider the plastic Muzzle. Your dog is probably very comfortable around your home and familiar environments...Read more
  • Specialised recall lead in quality material with leather handle and interwoven leather foot stops. This is the classic way to teach recall, it is far better if you use a whistle in conjunction with this technique. This should be an acme whistle (see my products). It carries further and stronger than the human voice. More importantly it is far more commanding, and does not sound emotional and...Read more
  • Buffalo Lung Fat-Free 100% natural meat from Buffalo. Low-fat, especially suitable for older and overweight dogs. Dried lungs are a fat-free dog chew suitable for all breeds. They are ideal for all dogs but especially those with sensitive digestion and for overweight dogs. Buffalo Lung are an all natural and are 100% meat, without artificial colourings or preservatives. All my natural treats sold...Read more
  • A licensed herbal medicine for the symptomatic relief of anxiety, nervousness, excitability and travel sickness and an adjunct in the treatment of epilepsy in dogs and cat’s. Comes in two sizes 200 or 500 tablets. It is cheaper to buy the larger container if you are going to use these for a while. The ultimate herbal combination in a sugar-coated tablet, invaluable to calm and relax dogs and cats...Read more
  • Ancol Slip Leads 12mm X 120mm Traditional strong nylon rope lead, comfortable to the touch, simple to attach and carry. Comes with a leather 'keeper' to ensure a comfortable fit for your dog. Click Slip Lead for larger picture of leads. Leather holders to create the handle and the loop. I use these for my three working Cockers. Extra strong comes in four colours Green , Two Tone Purple, Two Tone...Read more
  • High quality training and behavioural sound desensitisation CD for dogs of all breeds and ages. Helps puppies and well as adult dogs. If young pups are gently desensitised at a very early age then they often do not get these problems. Sound desensitisation has been used successfully for years to combat sound phobias in dogs. If your dog is afraid of sounds such as thunderstorm, fireworks,...Read more
  • Dried Beef Lips Lean, fat-free dried beef lips to create the perfect natural dog treat. Beef lips are especially firm so they hold out longer against hearty chewers. My dogs even the real fussy ones go mad for these. Great for puppies and adult dogs and all breeds Literally just pure air-dried meat. You get about ten to twenty pieces all different sizes pieces in a full 1/2 Kilo packet Made from...Read more
  • Pure Lamb Tripe Low Fat Treats for Dogs . A hearty, tasty very low-fat chew for both small and large dogs, Suitable for all breeds 100% natural air dried Lamb Tripe Even the fussy eaters will love this. never known a dog turn it down yet An all natural chew, without any artificial colours or preservatives. Dried at 130°C in a hot oven. Without spices. 1/2 Kilo bag Only £11.95 Like all my range of...Read more
  • These muzzles now only come in black. However, I have three sandy coloured ones left in two size 5s and one size 4. If you want one of these write your requirements in the comments section when you purchase the muzzle. This basket style of muzzle is designed for more aggressive dogs, or dogs that will be running around outdoors. The basket should not deform even if a dog attempts to bite. When...Read more
  • Beef Heart Dog Treat Jerky 100% natural beef heart jerky meat. Low-fat, especially suitable for older and overweight dogs. Dried beef heart chews are a fat-free dog chew suitable for all breeds of dogs including puppies. They are ideal for all dogs but especially those with sensitive digestion and for overweight dogs. These treats are an all-natural and are 100% meat, without artificial...Read more
  • The Finest Dog Crate Available These are one door crates. All manufactured and made in the UK Click HERE for size and breed charts. If you purchase any crate or playpen before 12.30- Monday to Thursday we will post it out using express service and you will receive it the next day. All these specialised high-quality crates are plated and sealed using the latest state of the art technology. The...Read more
  • 50 Large Air Dried Crispy Chicken Feet Crispy treats for all sizes and ages of dogs. Even the really fussy eater will love these.These air dried chicken feet help to keep your dog’s teeth clean. With important fatty acids for a glossy coat. Healthy, natural snacks from German chickens. There’s nothing better than top-quality natural snacks.These feet are crispy and grisly, offering both large and...Read more
  • Probably The Finest Dog Crate Available Click HERE for size and breed charts The only crates manufactured in the UK - The only crates with a lifetime guarantee for normal use. These crates are two door opening. You can buy these crates with or without a divider/ separator Why a separator? Simple the crates are normally too large initially for a small puppy. The divider allows the dogs to be...Read more
  • 100% Pure Air Dried Liver A delicious snack for any age and size of dog including puppies. These all natural air dried treats are a tasty snack and perfect for those times between meals when you want to really spoil your dog. Give your dog a delicious treat with this 100% beef liver chew. Liver is a real favourite with all dogs and this is something very spacial. No additives or preservatives...Read more
  • Access the Jingler HD Streaming Video. The latest Stan Rawlinson Video on how to control your dog using the Jingler Full High Definition Video, full screen. Clip can be seen at the bottom of the Walking to Heel article. Once you have paid for this streaming video you will have to log back in to watch it. Follow the link you are sent and log inRead more
  • Puppy Playpens British Made Premium Quality Back in stock If you purchase any crate or playpen before 12.30- Monday to Thursday we will post it out using express service and you will receive it the next day. Top Quality Puppy Playpens, and can be adjusted easily to any shape you require. This is a six-panel playpen, each panel is 36ins high by 30ins wide. Extra high so the puppies cannot jump out...Read more
  • Buffalo Jerky For Dogs. Air Dried 100% Natural Superior Dog Treats 1/2 Kilo All my dogs love this including puppies and seniors. You can tear off strips for a smaller treat if required. Rocco Jerky For Dogs – Very tasty, tender gullet meat. A great low-calorie snack for your dog. Only 1% fat. Your dog will love these tasty jerky strips. Dried in a hot air oven at 130°C. It is not smoked and does...Read more
  • Probably The Finest Dog Crate Available The Sloping 2 Door Dog Crate is a Superior UK manufactured product that will keep your dogs and puppies safe and secure. Length31″ Width21″ Height24″ Ideal for both in the house and of course as a transporter for your car. These top-class crates are designed and built as dog homes, that means they will last the lifetime of a dog and beyond. The extra...Read more

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