Training Aids Including Recall

  • Dog Spaghetti "Pigs Intestines" I call this Catnip for dog’s it is amazing, very few dogs turn their noses up at this treat even the fussy ones. cut these with scissors into small treats to make a fabulous high-value reward whilst training. Made from carefully selected Pigs Intestines, gently air-dried over a period of days in specialised hot air ovens. That makes sure it retains its natural…Read more


  • Air Dried Chicken Wing Tips 1/2 Kilo Chicken Wing Tip treats are just that, chicken wing tips! Nothing else! This tasty clean treat your dog or cat will enjoy. Wing tips are a great source of glucosamine, They boost and aid joint support for those with arthritis, Suitable for puppies kittens with growing bones and of course adult dogs. High protein, low in fat, grain and gluten-free, great for…Read more


  • Premium Quality Pigs Tails 1/2 Kilo or 1Kilo Air Dried Meaty Pigs Tails packed full of healthy vitamins and minerals. A healthy pork treat with added benefits. Rich in Glucosamine and Chrondoitin Helps maintain and rejuvenates healthy bones and joints Cares for teeth and gums great for dogs that love chewing. You save £3.99 buying the 1kg packet Made from fresh raw ingredients No chemical…Read more


  • The all-new thinner collar and lead for smaller dogs combined with the Jingler training aid, get your puppy or smaller adult dog off to the best start. Comes in three colours and collar sizes covers Extra Small, Small /Medium and Medium/Large.Read more


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  • Buffalo Jerky For Dogs. Air Dried Natural Dog Treats 1/2 Kilo All my dogs love this including puppies and seniors. You can tear or cut up pieces for a high-value training treat if required. Very tasty, tender gullet meat. A great low-calorie snack for your dog. Only 1% fat. Your dog will love these tasty jerky strips. Dried in a hot air oven at 130°C. It is not smoked and does not contain spices…Read more


  • Great Training Treats For Dogs & Puppies. 400 grams I use these treats for puppies and adult dog training, they are especially good for the coat and skin health as they are rich in oils and omega 3 Because they are air-dried you can easily snap little bits off. into handy size pieces for small dogs and are ideal for puppies A full 400 grams of complete Sprats. No additives, colourants or…Read more


  • Doglistener Lead Red White Blue not just for English Bulldogs! I initially I had four red white and blue leads made up for me as a couple of people asked for them. One was for a French Bulldog and the other because he is quite patriotic and likes the colours I took a couple to my local pub that I had leftover and they went in 10 minutes, so I had a limited amount made up to see how they go. They…Read more


  • The Doglistener lead is made to my own specifications. They are not available anywhere else and are unique to my brand name Doglistener. Approximately 5ft 8"/9"inches long. I have found this length of lead is far better for handling all sizes of dogs when walking to heel. All the leads have an O-ring attached to the handle for ease of carrying around your body, poo bags can be tied or clipped on…Read more


  • Natural Cows Udder 1/2 Kilo Great treat for all dogs, puppies and adults, excellent chewing exercise for the teeth and jaws. I also cut these into smaller treats when training older dogs and puppies. Makes an irresistible high-value treat that is healthy and free of any nasty additives or preservatives Has a great taste that all dogs appear to love. Brilliant for puppies I believe this could be…Read more


  • The Jingler is a simple device that clips on to the lead. Designed and developed by Stan Rawlinson Dog Behaviourist and Obedience Trainer (Doglistener). The bells size and sound is unique. I have them all specially made so that I get the correct sound and vibration. There are three bells on every set and they are all silver coloured. If you imagine that the Jingler is the opposite of a clicker…Read more


  • Specialised Acme whistle. In dog training circles, these are the whistles that all the people in the know use. They are specifically manufactured so all the whistles with this exclusive number on are manufactured to the exact same pitch and tone. If you lost one you would not have to acclimatise the dog to a new sounding whistle. Which normally takes ten days This whistle is a 211.5 and comes…Read more


  • Jingler Lead and Collar combined. Buy three products at once and save on the overall cost if bought separately postage and packing costs and the cost of the leads and collars.. The small/medium size collar fits dogs up to 12.5 inches around the neck. The medium/large fits dogs with necks 12.75 inches and above. All my leads and collars are fully washable. When washing the lead put in a cloth bag…Read more


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  • High-quality training and behavioural sound desensitisation CD for dogs and puppies of all breeds and ages. Helps puppies and well as adult dogs. If young pups are gently desensitised at a very early age then they often do not get these problems. Sound desensitisation has been used successfully for years to combat sound phobias in dogs. If your dog is afraid of sounds such as thunderstorm,…Read more


  • Cushion Web Long Recall Training Lead Ideal for Medium to Large Dogs 8 metres with handle This is the same material as my normal leads very strong and soft and comfortable on the hands. Comes with its own carrying case can be machine washed. Put it in a bag or pillowcase because of the brass fitting clanging about. This is the classic way to rectify recall problems and one of the best leads on…Read more


  • Lightly Dried Chicken Stomachs 1/2 Kilo I often use these for basic training as a special treat for a job well done. You can snap bits of them and dogs absolutely love the texture and the taste. Lighty Dried in special ovens at 120 degrees these treats are suitable for puppies and adult dogs small or large. and can be broken up to make smaller treats. Chicken is normally non-allergic to dogs and…Read more


  • The New Jingler DVD HD 45 minutes long This latest DVD can be bought in two formats. Streaming or a Physical DVD that is sent to you. The cost of the DVD physical version which will be posted out to you is £11.95, The cost of immediate access streaming is £9.95 Click Here Once you have paid for it simply log out then log back in using your email address and password. It gives you step by step…Read more


  • A Lighter Recall Training Lead for Smaller Dogs Specialised 24 ft recall lead in British made quality material. This is the classic way to teach recall, it is far better if you use a whistle in conjunction with this technique. This should be an acme whistle (see my products). It carries further and stronger than the human voice. More importantly, it is far more commanding and does not sound…Read more


  • Ultra Short Dog Leads and Also Used For Recall This is not my normal full length lead. Please note these leads are only 13 inches long and are for large dogs or recall training. They are used as house leads, or for recall leads when you remove the long recall and standard Jingler lead. This is clipped on so the dog thinks the lead is still on They are also ideal for larger dogs Labradors and…Read more


  • Strong Quality Slip Leads Strong yet light slip leads for all dogs. Once I have trained my dogs to walk to heel, I find that these types of leads are ideal and convenient. Comes in a variety of colours and are specifically made for me. I found that some of the rope slip leads got heavy when wet and uncomfortable. That is why I switched to this material and quality All My Leads including material…Read more


  • Super Skinny Slip Leads light and handy for all dogs. You can fit these into a purse or a small bag, I even put five of them in one pocket when I am out with all my dogs They are handy and washable. I tend to use these once I have got the pulling on the lead under full control. Which generally only takes ten minutes using my jingler techniques. These can also be used for gundog handlers and of…Read more


  • Soft Comfortable Mesh Harness A lightweight and comfortable harness for recall training and car attachment, also used for walking dogs. However, I do not believe they should be used for walking to heel. I have written an article explaining that using a harness or a halti causes pain and discomfort to your dog. Type into Google The Importance of the Right Lead and Collar I will probably be the top…Read more