Vets and the Vaccination Scandal

Vets and the Vaccination Scandal

The Scandal of Over Vaccinating Dogs

The scandal of vaccinations for dogs

I have been writing about the dangers of over-vaccinating dogs for many years.

It should be improving as more scientific evidence comes to light about the very real dangers of over-vaccinating dogs and puppies. Unfortunately, I believe the situation is getting considerably worse,

I personally believe that it is putting our dog’s health and lives at risk and something must be done. I am not against vaccinating dogs my concern is the veterinary profession, knowingly giving vaccines that are unnecessary and frankly dangerous.

Letter of Disgust:
In April 2004 thirty leading veterinary surgeons wrote an open letter to the Veterinary Times that letter said  “The present practice of marketing vaccinations for companion animals may constitute fraud by misrepresentation, fraud by silence and theft by deception.”

They didn’t mince their words. What was the answer from the BSAVA (The British Small Animal Veterinary Association) Their President at the time was Freda Scott-Parker, she dismissed any suggestions that repeated vaccines could have an adverse effect on animals.

I do hope she is no longer practicing as a vet and that she hangs her head in shame at reading this article. It was well known by that time by the vaccination manufacturer the BSAVA and the RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) that annual animal vaccinations were causing health and longevity problems.

It took a further 6 years to admit that annual core vaccines such as distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus and most cat vaccines were causing very serious health problems in our pets.

This forced the periods between vaccinations to be changed in 2010 from annually to every 3 to 4 years. Did your Vet tell you about this 11 years ago or have they explained it since as a new dog owner?

What I do not understand is the 3 to 4 years, as all long term scientific research points to the vaccines being effective for life in many cases (1)  Vaccine Research.

In 2010 the Veterinary Medicines Directorate  (VMD) wrote a letter to the two major veterinary publications The Veterinary Record and Veterinary Times,

This announcement explained that recent trends in data mean that the DOIs (duration of Immunity)  for many common vaccinations (canine distemper, parvovirus, and adenovirus) were changed to three to four years.

Annual core vaccinations were deemed to cause immune-compromised dogs and other serious medical reactions including sudden death.

Coupled with the fact that these vaccines create antibodies for a very long time if not the whole life of the dog. We do not have an epidemic of distemper, parvovirus, or leptospirosis. In fact, all three are incredibly rare.

This is information that all veterinary surgeons will be aware of. Therefore, the Vets that are administering annual core vaccinations are clearly not following their professional bodies or the vaccine company’s guidelines. If a human medical professional did that they would be struck off

Probably the most knowledgeable man of the World on Vaccines He does not vaccinate his dogs for Leptospirosis

Most vets are also aware of the amazing work by one of the World’s leading professors of veterinary immunology Dr Ronald Schultz.

Schultz is professor and former chair of pathobiological sciences at the renowned School of Veterinary Medicine in Wisconsin USA,

He has been studying the effectiveness of canine vaccines since the 1970s; he has learned that immunity can last as long as a dog’s whole lifetime and at least a minimum of 7 years.

Over vaccination which is being practiced by a large amount of UK Vets for profit rather than the health of the animals is one of the reasons our dogs are dying 11% sooner than they were 10 years ago (2) Why Are Our Dogs Dying So Young.

I think it is one of the biggest scandals to be perpetrated by any profession Lots of Veterinary practices have signed people up to annual vaccination programs, there are even standard plans such as Vac4Life starting at £99.00 per annum.

Given that it is supposed to be every 3 to 4 years except for the Leptospirosis vaccination which is so aggressive I never give it to my own dogs, then exactly what are you paying for?

Not only that the Lepto 4 covers only 4 strains there are 250 strains called (Serovars) One part of that vaccination is for lepto 3 which is not even present in the UK,

Therefore a quarter of the vaccine is useless, on top of that like Covid 19 the Lepto vaccines do not prevent your dog from getting leptospirosis, it is only meant to lessen the severity of the illness. And serious cases are very rare in the UK.

So what are you getting for your money? Not once in the Vac4Life plan could I see information about the change in DOIs (Duration of Immunity) nor does it mention the problems with Lepto 4. Lots of vets have their own vaccine annual payment offers, for what? as you do not need them?

Starting the whole set of vaccinations again because the breeder vaccinated them shows a total lack of knowledge on critical periods

However, there are other lies and scams with long-lasting health implications for our dogs.

One that has started happening fairly recently. with puppies is the breeder has the first vaccines done, so you go to your Vet and they say “Oh we do not stock that brand of vaccine we will have to start the whole process of 1st vaccinations over again”

Are they saying they cannot get that vaccine or are they telling you the truth, that they will make more money by repeating the whole vaccine process again ignoring the potential dangers of vaccine overdose reactions and the delays in being able to socialise that little pup?  (3) Puppy Socialisation The Critical Periods

Why can you not have another brand of vaccinations it covers exactly the same strains it is the same as having different brands of aspirin or any other medication. Walk away from that vet.

Another common one I hear regularly is the owner has missed their annual appointment for vaccinations by a month or so and the Vet tells them. “We are going to have to start the whole set of  the two vaccinations again”

This is an absolute downright lie because the only reason for two vaccinations for puppies is that years ago it was common practice for pups to still take milk from their mothers until they were 8 or 9 weeks of age.

That meant that the mother antibodies and colostrum in her milk could potentially interrupt the efficiency of the first vaccine, so a second one was put in place  However, it is now common practice to start weaning the pups at 3.5 weeks and the pups are normally fully weaned by about six to seven weeks.

Why would these adult dogs need two sets of vaccinations??

Can someone explain to me how these adult dogs that had missed their scheduled shots were all suddenly drinking mother’s milk? Either that or the Vet is lying and in that case, report them to the RCVS. (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons).

I will also be writing to them and the vaccine companies to ask why our dogs are being vaccinated against a serovar of Leptospirosis that does not exist in the UK, that is Lepto 3. People are paying for that extra strain for no reason

If you do not want to get involved email me the Vet Practice and I will report them and will also print the name of the surgery and the Vet involved. Your name will not be used if you would prefer to remain anonymous. [email protected]

I would also like to hear of any Vets that are claiming they cannot get or do not have the brand of puppy vaccinations the breeder had given the puppy. I think Vets need retraining and I think the initial training degree should be longer and include the common behavioural problems in companion animals and especially dogs.

Type (4) First 16 Weeks into Google and my article will come first out of 2.8 billion entries, this will explain why delaying the vaccination and being overly cautious is the cause for the majority of  BEHAVIOURAL PROBLEMS IN DOGS. And is the primary cause of euthanisation in our dog population.

There is another area that concerns me not only are the vets not telling us about the changes in DOI they are not offering alternative Titre Tests. A titre test is a blood test that can show whether your pet has antibodies for a particular illness. Titre testing can be used to determine the effectiveness of a vaccine or the presence of any natural immunity towards a number of diseases..

It may appear that I am attacking all Vets I am not, in this article I am attacking what I believe are unscrupulous practices in a once venerated profession the minority tainting the majority, I have met incredible vets and bloody awful ones.

Having said that, there is a systemic problem in the Veterinary profession that started in 1999 and has careered almost out of control ever since. That is explained and outlined in my article (5) Is The Veterinary Profession Broken type that into Google and it also comes first. It explains how the profession has changed and why.

These articles will answer most of your queries regarding Insurance Companies, Kennels, Day Care etc (6) In Depth Annual Dog Vaccinations and (7) Overview Annual Dog Vaccinations Dangers. They both cover most of what people are asking and the links at the end of thin are to all the peer-reviewed research.

Please use the comments box below and I will endeavour to answer all your questions. My next article will be on Lepto 4 vaccinations so sign up for my Newsletter if you are receiving them already

©Stan Rawlinson September 2021

(1)  Vaccine Research

(2) Why Are Our Dogs Dying So Young.

(3) Puppy Socialisation The Critical Periods

(4) First 16 Weeks

(5Is The Veterinary Profession Broken

(6) In Depth Annual Dog Vaccinations

(7) Overview Annual Dog Vaccinations Dangers.

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  • corinnemurray_268956

    Are there any you would recommend annually please?

    And could you possibly explain which vaccines we should get and their intervals?

    October 15, 2021 at 10:18 am
  • [email protected]

    The WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association) plus the “BVA British Veterinary Association” and the Vaccine Manufacturers themselves recommended that all core vaccines should be administered NO MORE than every three to four years.

    Indeed, the WSAVA themselves repeated this recently: “Canine modified-live virus core vaccines (CDV, CAV and CPV2) and FPV vaccines need be given ‘no more frequently than every 3 years’. Although many veterinarians deliver these vaccines triennially according to license, there is substantial evidence that protection is for much longer and probably the lifetime of the pet.”

    December 7, 2021 at 1:28 am
  • [email protected]

    Further to my comment above, I worry that the new-style ‘private equity’ owned veterinary practices in the UK are going to be over-vaccinating as par for the course. For instance, the one near me recently moved to a membership-only practice, whereby for not an insubstantial ‘fee’ you are ‘allowed’ on their books and in return your dog is given monthly chemicals in the form of flea treatment, tick treatment, wormers et al and also annual vaccinations. This puts profit before the health of the pet, IMHO.

    December 7, 2021 at 1:32 am
  • Stan Rawlinson

    I think you should read this it explains exactly what has happened to our vets and why the veterinary profession is broken. simply type into Google Is the Veterinary Profession Broken.

    December 28, 2021 at 4:29 pm
  • [email protected]

    Just realised that I have never found an ‘answer’ to the ‘worming problem’.

    I used to worm my dogs every 6-8 months or so, but then started to question all the chemicals going into them without knowing, for sure (and that’s the problem!), whether or not they were needed…

    So I tried searching your website and didn’t find anything on worms and worming, apart from the two treats you offer with fur!

    I also read a comment regarding using ‘diatomaceous earth’ as a natural wormer.

    I’m interested in your viewpoint, and also how or if you treat your own dogs for potential worms.

    June 3, 2022 at 12:12 pm

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